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It all started 300 years ago…when the baker of each village baked bread for the whole town. Each particular town had its own special dough  achieving its flavor from the land, water and air of its territory. The yeast for the dough was kept alive by adding water and flour on a daily basis, never missing a single day. In Italian this product is called “Lievito Madre”, that is the “Mother Yeast” commonly known as “Natural Yeast”. For authenticity to its origins and recipes we at Blocks use the "mother dough". 

In the industrial era yeast was dried to extend shelf life. Mother dough required too much care. The tasty and nutritional qualities of the “Mother Dough" were lost.

The “Mother Dough” used at Blocks was first created on the island of Sardinia in Italy 300 years ago, and has since then supported and fed communities all over Italy just as a mother does with her children, thus the name “Mother Yeast”. Our “Mother Dough” has survived wars, revolutions, famine and was guarded by the towns’ baker as if it were the most precious possession of the town. It was passed on to us by the “Confraternita della Pasta Madre” after accepting our commitment to caring for it, feeding it water and flour daily, honoring it and using it with kind wisdom.

Our pizza is a return to the basic natural tradition of why pizza has been a favorite for centuries!

Come celebrate The Mother Dough at Blocks Pizza Deli.
Blocks Pizza Deli
Blocks Pizza Deli