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Grand Opening!

Blocks Pizza Deli is Coming to South Beach!

We are proud to announce that Blocks Pizza Deli is coming to Miami Beach in Spring 2013 with a great new concept of enhancing the products "Mother Nature" has provided us with.

Blocks Pizza Deli makes delicious pizza's one "block" at a time. We use only the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces to top the sublime delicately baked pizza dough.

Blocks Pizza Deli is a delicious return to the past, made fresh daily, thanks to our yeast. The Mother Dough used at Blocks was first created on the island of Sardinia in Italy 300 years ago, and has since then supported and fed communities all over Italy just as a mother does with her children, thus the name Mother Dough. The Mother Dough used at Blocks has survived wars, revolutions, famine and was guarded by the towns' bakers as if it were the most precious possession of the town. It was passed on to the Blocks' team by the "Confraternita della Pasta Madre" after accepting the commitment to caring for it, feeding it water and flour daily, honoring it and using it with kind wisdom.

Blocks Pizza Deli is a return to the basic natural tradition of why pizza has been a favorite for centuries!

The use of our Mother Dough, the long leavening time and the high quality of our flour blend makes our pizza easy to digest and rich in minerals. Seasonal fresh toppings and our freshly prepared tomato sauce are added for a total taste experience which our ancestors enjoyed for centuries in a time when preparing and eating culinary delights was celebrated.

Come celebrate The Mother Dough at Blocks!

In addition to pizza, Blocks offers a wide variety of fresh products such as Blocks Pockets or Pocket Salads, all prepared fresh daily.

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