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About Us

Established in 2013, Blocks Pizza Deli has become a landmark in the Miami pizza scene thanks to its famous Mother Dough crust and its baked to order customizable slices.

The crust at Blocks Pizza Deli has become legendary. The whole process takes over 3 days of slow fermentation and natural proofing with just a handful of carefully selected ingredients. Unbleached and unbromated flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. The long and slow leavening process gives the crust a deep and unique flavor, an airy and light structure and makes the pizza rich in nutrients and incredibly easy to digest. Slices are baked to order rather then simply reheated. This guarantees the freshness of every bite and allows for customization with our daily prepped, fresh (for real. we don’t own a freezer) ingredients.

Sandwiches, calzones and salads are made to order and complete our beautiful little menu.

Thanks for keeping the Mother Dough alive and letting us proudly serve you.