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About Us

The Concept
Blocks Pizza Deli is all about freshness, we make artisanal roman style pizza one “block” at a time. We offer five signature pizzas or you can top your own... Don’t feel like pizza? We cover all sorts of cravings with our home baked Blocks pockets and freshly made salads!

The Dough
Our Total taste experience is only half the story. The dough at Blocks is made with the “Mother Yeast” and leavened for three days, this makes our pizza easy to digest and rich in minerals.

The Toppings
We carefully select seasonal, organic and fresh toppings to recreate the culinary delights our ancestors enjoyed for centuries. We only allow fresh ingredients, from our homemade sauces to seasonal vegetables, fresh deli meats sliced before you and tasty gourmet cheeses.

We don’t dry, we don’t freeze, we don’t change the rules of nature because nature knows best.