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As you may know the dry yeast used today hasn’t always existed. It was created with the discovery of microbiology, when strains of yeast started being cultured in the labs. Water was then extracted from the yeast to improve its shelf life. Before this happened, flour and water were mixed and the air present in the atmosphere allowed for the natural fermentation of the dough to rise.
This dough is better because of nature and chaos!
We say this because it’s true. You see, when you normally eat pizza you have a crust that is prepared using poor quality flour with added sugar. The dough rises only long enough to appear ready. Another negate aspect is that industrialized dry yeast is used. Our flour is rich in proteins. We let our dough rise for 72 hours and we rigorously only use natural yeast. All of this creates a crust that has plenty of time to fully develop. Complex carbs are no longer present facilitating digestibility. The natural yeast provides a unique taste and digestibility that dry yeast can never achieve.
Do you want to know the secret ingredient of our dough? Actually our list of ingredients is faily simple: flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt. The secret is in the preparation. We give it time...time to rise...time to develop...time to do the rest. The secret ingredient, time.